Oh, look, it’s raining in Los Angeles. Shocker. If you read Aly Walansky’s newsletter today, you will know that she is experimenting with AI-generated headshots. Inspired by her experiment, I had to try this for myself. If you too are intrigued, you can go to
(And if you don't get the reference, pls get off my lawn.)
It’s almost time to scoot on out of here St. Patrick’s Day fun, but I have a couple of new press opportunities to hit you with first; they’re below…
AI, layoffs, press trips, oh my
Plus a new PR job opp.
Is it summer on the Amalfi Coast yet?
Recently, I wrote about the one pitch I always delete immediately. For balance, it seems only fair that I should also cover the one type of pitch that…
I'm at my desk this week after all!
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